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Here at fitAF83 Ashley and Faye are out to give good quality and correct advice. Setting out to destroy health, fitness, nutrition and wellness myths one by one.

We also do online coaching! The correct way – Not the kind of coaching that just bundles random exercises together because that’s what makes you sweat or hurt. We do the kind of coaching that elicits change for the body. We do the kind of coaching that will get you long lasting results. We do the kind of coaching that makes a difference.

Our online training program | Club 83 | is where we help working dads burn body fat, get stronger and get re-energised with no restricting diets and without living in the gym.

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"Training with Ashley and Faye was informative, enjoyable and fun, they got to know my strengths and my limitations and created a fitness program to suit me as an individual and get me fitter than I was".
Phil Dunn
Taxi Driver
"Ashley and Faye have been excellent trainers for me. They are very knowledgeable and have created plans I could enjoy along the way to achieving my goals".
Derek Burgon
Speech and Language Therapist
"Working with Ashley and Faye was brilliant, sessions were fun and informative, each session was totally different which kept me interested. They also helped with dietary requirements and advice. I would highly recommend Club 83".
Jennifer Lisle


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